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From the Vault #6

If you are a music theory nerd like me, feel free to click the gallery above to see the score.

For this week, my #tbt piece is an instrumental piece of "art" music I composed as a student at Peabody in 2011. Unfortunately, I never recorded this being preformed by real, live musicians, and I am not sure why. I had plenty of opportunities to do so. Oh well... you live, you learn.

For this piece I started by studying woodwind scores by of Richard Strauss and Elliot Carter. I then went on to create this piece which emphasizes the various personalities of each of the five instruments, flute, oboe, clarinet, french horn, and bassoon. This piece was difficult for me to start because the woodwinds (and brass) are instruments families with which that I feel the least comfortable. However once I began composing this piece, I remembered it flowing out of me in an afternoon after spending the previous six weeks or so coming up with nothing.

The title "Through a Splintered Mirror" reflects how the piece features a lot of repetitive ideas that play between the different voices. Each time an idea is "reflected back", it is in an unique ways that shows off the character of each instrument. Moreover, this piece is basically in a "A B A" form where the first idea comes back at the end, but with some drastic alterations.

Click here to go to this piece on soundcloud.




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