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From the Vault # 10

This week I am going to share something different. I have a passion for visual art, as well as music. All of the photos on this site were taken by me, and I began painting fourteen months ago. I see the audio and the visual as a marriage of two dominant senses. Marriage feels like such a apt term as listening is traditionally a feminine sense, and seeing, the masculine. In today's world, we are raised to be more visually focused than in any other period of history. We almost find it impossible to listen without seeing.

In 2011, I became interested in VJ art. It seemed evident to me that as an electronic music creator, I had to add an element to my work which appealed to the every-hungry human eyes. So I began exploring with Jitter, VDMX and Quartz Composer, all very powerful live video manipulation softwares. It is amazing what dreams a creator can breathe life into with these tools- personal universes burst forth.

My first attempt at an interactive video/music piece, was 2011's "Ombre". The music portion consists of a series of loops that can be triggered at anytime by the performer that is accompanied by star bursts, swirling colors, ASCII that are in turn triggered by the audio. This piece was created in Quartz Composer and meant to be performed in Ableton Live and VDMX.

Bonus for the nerdy... I researched the history of the audio/visual marriage, created a piece called The Art of the VJ. I have included the article and its accompanying presentation. (Even if you don't want to read, I recommend looking at the pictures in the VJ Project PDF. They are pretty groovy!)




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