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From the Vault #5

This week we are going back to Winter 2009 then I created Winterscapes 1 &2 for solo piano, reverb, and bells as part of an audio Christmas card. Winterscapes Piano Suite is straight-forward easy listening piano music. It consists of two movements 1. Moderately with Reflection and 2. Tongue-in-Cheek, Almost Sarcastically Festive. For this video, I paired Winterscapes 1 with time-lapse public domain footage of picturesque Bern, Switzerland that I came across here.

Musically, I was aiming for the impression of gliding on fresh snow while watching sunlight reflect and refract in ice. Brr... winter... too cold for me; I'm off to go and boil some water for my tea! Enjoy! 🍵



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