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From the Vault # 2

For this week's from the vault, I took the music that used to welcome you to version one, back in 2009, and combined with silent film footage by Segundo de Chomón, Magic Roses (1906.) (Remember how annoying it was when websites autoplayed music? I was part of the problem. Streaming audio was still a new thing, live and learn.)

I did a little research on Segundo de Chomón. He originated in Spain and worked for Pathé in France, Italy, and Spain. He was rather ingenious, inventing the film dolly and creating the first mechanical film tinting device, Pathéchrome. You can read more about him here.

My sideways glances would have greeted you to in 2009. (I still ❤️ that hat!)

The piece is a simple instrumental, piano, guitarrón, guitar, accordion and lap harp. I wrote that is supposed to portray a rainy afternoon sipping wine at the café, Hemmingway style boho living. I think I portrayed it well. It gets a new life with Segundo's film which I think mixes with the music very well. There's another minute or so of video footage to this film... maybe in the future I'll write a short second movement...



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