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From the Vault, 1st Edition

In honor of #tbt, I will be posting a snippet or whole piece of something from my vault of over 1,000 pieces on Thursdays. This is me just to be okay with my work as it is... to know that everything is a process, but there is a such thing as "good enough." It is really hard for me to have anything musical I do, always had crippling stage fright. Singing in front of a mic was an exercise in futility as nothing that would come from me would ever reach my impossible non-humanly-possible standards. Anyway, here is some of what I have been doing for the last few years...


Points of Reference

This week I have chosen a short clip from my 2012 large multimedia work, Points of Reference. Points of Reference​ was a critique of the internet age we will live in and how fast everything changes. Case and point, a lot of the "professional" software and hardwares I used are not replicated in $1.99 apps and accessible to everyone. For good or bad, better or worse that how things are. It's an amazing time to be living.

More than that the sections focus on people can communicate with each other so readily today, but tend to use this privilege to force their belligerent opinions without respecting those that may oppose ours. (Even more true in 2017 than ever before!)

In Points of Reference, each section was from the perspective of a different character and each character had a blog which were available online at my now Unfortunately, I can not locate any recoverable data from any of these, but I have screen capture video of them.



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