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The Elements - A Work in Progress - RPM Challenge 2018

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

2018! I can cross something off my list that I've been wanting for do for the last three years - the RPM challenge. The RPM challenge is not a contest, but meant to be a creative nudge to get musicians creating. After all, the biggest hurdle to creativity is often simply getting started. We usually are the ones that get in our own way. So, what would if we all just let ourselves create?

"Elements" is a work-in-progress. The recording above contains material for all five elements. Aether, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire are all represented in musical or ambient elements, but I have a lot more musical elements that I have created and plan on adding or that I plan on creating. I think that I may incorporate lyrics/songs into the mix as well. I have some ideas for melodies ... keeping with the chill feel.

The main musical elements in the piece are meant to reflect the elements themselves. While the processed audio is from the musical elements and cinematic audio samples of the elements. For example, water contains thunderstorms, a river, and ocean waves in various forms. I processed the sounds with audio plugins and PaulStretch. I added binaural beats. I may add more binaural beats as well as chimes, gongs, and other "healing" or soothing sounds.

The Rules for the RPM Challenge

The rules for the RPM challenge are simple. As it is not a contest, there is no monitoring or enforcement of the rules, aside from the March 1 deadline.

  • Produce an album of 10 songs or 35 minutes length

  • Record the album during the month of February

  • The finished album is uploaded to by noon on March1.

  • While the rules are simple, a number of informal guidelines seem to also have been instituted either by being implied in the official rules, or through consensus of the participants.​

  • The album must consist of original material, rather than cover songs.

  • All songs do not necessarily need to be written during the challenge, but it is encouraged by certain members.

  • Any form of recording is acceptable, from a simple tape recording to full studio production.

  • Working on final tweaks after midnight on March 1 is acceptable, as long as you don't sleep.

Elements - music and processed sounds Janae Jean

Addtional mixing, arranging, and processing by Spencer Schluter

©2018 Spindriftgreen Music ASCAP


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