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Synchronicity is all around...

I've been pondering the best way to present my offering at the Soul Seed Gathering next month. I have my general content, but I'm still formulating the details in my head.... and through I've taught groups before I have been feeling a little anxious. Today I was doing Day 13 of Yoga with Adriene's 31-Day Yoga Reveloution, and she said the loveliest thing that sums the theme perfectly.

"The sound of your breath... Honoring your soul, your song, your voice, the energy that is YOU."

That IS what I will be sharing in my class.

That IS what Finding The Song of Your Soul is all about.

Once that's done, everything else is free to flow...

The song begins...

(BTW I ❤️ YWA, highly recommend her challenges, online community and YouTube channel!)

(BTW2 That teapot is an antique from my great aunt; it plays Tea for Two. It's so sweet. It's the prize of my collection. 🍵)


For my song, I chose...

Now I remember how to breathe... (Breathing Lesson, Audio coming ASAP!)

What's yours?



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