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New Sound Healing Experience

This coming Friday, I will be presenting a new version of my "Finding The Song of Your Soul" workshop at "OtherWorld" Festival at the Pheasant Run Resort in Saint Charles, IL. "OtherWorld" is a 3-day event with a FULL schedule of workshops, live music, yoga and more! This time around we are going to incorporate frame drums along with our voices. If you have a hand drum of any type and are coming to the festival, feel free to bring it.


I am really excited to see the Ableton Workshops that will be part of the festivities. I am looking forward to learning technical hints that can help me on my mission to use music technology to aid in emotional and mental healing. I plan on sharing what I learn with all of you!

Members of the "Conscious Community Magazine" team will be there as well, Our publisher Kasia will have a booth Friday evening and Saturday during the day. Spencer, my partner in podcast and life will be working the event as well. Please stop by and say hello!

To purchase tickets and for more information click here. You can RSVP to my workshop here.

As always

Peace, love and magic!



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